Movie annoyance.


If there’s one thing that I love more then the game “Portal”, it would be making fun of the movie “300”. As if movie names weren’t sucky already, right? Lets make a list.

. Waynes world 2

. 2 Fast and 2 Furious

. The Fast and the Furious

.  Fast and Furious (wait what?)

. Toy Story 2

. Water horse

. Dude Where’s My Car

. Mummy Returns

. Snakes on a Plane

. 300

I think I will keep my money and just not ever go to the theater again.  I mean, you know that movies are getting to be totally awful when a lot video games have better backround stories.


One response to “Movie annoyance.

  1. I laugh at your hatred for the fast and furious movies..
    Don’t forget “The Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift.”

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