Hello Blogging world, Thoughts on/about Thoughts, ect.

The Title speaks for its self. Hopefully this will actually be read. This will be a place for me to write, express humor, write about music/post music related things, photos, and ideas whatever my interests may be.
one of the things I love in life, is thought in its own form. It amazes me completely and at the same time frustrates me greatly being as ocd as I am. I suppose that is also a reason I’ve started this blog. Have you ever thought about how thoughts and feelings work? I do constantly. often enough I am perplexed by peoples words and the thought or intention behind them. People can claim and can even think that they “believe” in something and at the same time deny it through thought. I think this is why I am fascinated by thought. I often think that many people don’t appreciate thought. It is in sense the only way we connect to the world around us. Emotion just as much as thought. Feelings are interesting link branching out off of thoughts. I think if everyone looked at who they are more, thoughts, emotion, and all. The world would be better off. Oh and in the mean time…

Expect photos soon as well! …… 😀


2 responses to “Hello Blogging world, Thoughts on/about Thoughts, ect.

  1. An interesting kickoff to a new endeavor… I’m really looking forward to reading more. I think it’s great that you’re doing this; the very act of writing stuff down can be a great way to get new insights into your own thoughts and emotions.

    Game on!

  2. Caitlin and I really enjoyed this live vid… thanks so much for posting it!

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