You Ain’t Got Nothing on Twilight. Not Even Me.

So i kept telling others and myself I would hate “Twilight” only to find out the movie was probably better then the “Harry Potter” movies. I can honestly say that I enjoyed it.  I suppose its because I am a romantic guy. So that essence of the story pulled me in.

Ive read some critiques of Stephanie Meyer’s work. One of them being by Stephen King. Honestly, he has no right to critique any ones work, seeing as how hes been writing the same crappy horror novels over and over and over. I believe as a writer you should create your own genre of writing. Stephen King has been copying other peoples work and ideas forever now.

People should be able to critique stuff and I know the books have been under a lot of fire lately because it’s kinda the teen girl thing. But really?  Since when was “trying not to enjoy something because your afraid to be smooshed into a crowd” ever really unbiased? Get over yourselves. Not the best books ever, Not the worst either, but the most stupid judgments on a series most of you haven’t read yet.


4 responses to “You Ain’t Got Nothing on Twilight. Not Even Me.

  1. Eek, I hate vampires — eek!

  2. Y’know, I haven’t read the books or seen the movie (I plan to read at least the first book this summer, so I’ll report back if I’ve had any world-shattering revelations), but from what I understand, Twilight, vapidness aside (’cause I love me a good vapid book series and set of movies just as much as anyone else – Dan Brown, anyone?), sounds like it’s a bit degrading to women (see links below). I worry about girls learning that it’s totally awesome that your boyfriend finds you to be “helpless” and “silly.” I fear popular literature supporting the abstinence-only fear of sex that seems to be so popular already. I don’t like the idea that these girls are going to grow up expecting Edward Cullen, when in reality, their guys will be expecting porn star women in return. And in truth, there are such better things to read. I admit that I may be wrong, since I’m taking my info from other sources, but like I said, I’m taking steps to make sure that I’m not.

    • Actually a theme in the book is about how a lot of guys and people around are scum overall. In the end, it is but a story. Not real life. I thought I would hate it, It’s not as bad as i thought it would be. It’s not just a tween romance story.

  3. You’re telling an English major to disregard stories because they’re not real life? Harsh, man. I don’t intend any flame war, but I think that what we read is very important. I’m willing to recognize that Twilight probably has a lot more intricacy than most people give it credit for, but still, it’s worth noting the impact literature has on people’s thinking. If only to make we English majors feel better about about writing and analyzing it.

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