The Cool.

This album has been floating around in my head for a good deal of time. I think if you have time. You should listen to it. The video below explains what the album is about more or less. I believe there’s a lot of problems like this in America. People don’t have equal opportunity to have a life. We think problems like the ones talked in this album only happen in third world countries. That answer is far from the truth.

We have a group of people running in circles. Whats cool in society is actually what destroys most and pushes other people under. What’s cool? Is it equal? Does it help us view each other as equals? To me, even without messages from Dr. Dre and such i viewed being truly cool as being too good for other people. I think many people get caught up in this at least once in their life. I remember kids in school would do anything to be popular. Who they hurt, it did not matter. If they hurt themselves, it did not matter. It may always remain a problem. It may get better, it may get worse. There’s no easy solution to it.

Example of something that has been viewed as “cool”:

I will end this post with a video of “Super Star” by Lupe Fiasco (feat; Matthew Santos) Essentially the song is about being cool for fame and thinking you’re that ideal person who has superiority over others.


One response to “The Cool.

  1. Great stuff; I finally got my iTunes partly organized after almost two years, and this is at the top of the list of artists to peruse.

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