I’m finding myself way busy in Illinois. Go figure. I haven’t kept up with my blog at all. Seeing as I don’t write enough when I’m not doing much. Go figure I suck it up even more when I’m really busy. Having friends and around all the time and a girlfriend around partially may have something to do with it. So first 3 days I’m here, no power. A storm really wrecked the place right before i arrived. I still had fun though. I’m like “who needs power”. But that obviously doesn’t work out well when “I” like everyone else relies on it for many things. Other then that nothing has happened really. I’ve had a great time. Hope to get some photos up soon.


4 responses to “Busy

  1. “when “I” like everyone else relies on it for many things”

    When I, like every one else, rely on it..

    I wouldn’t be myself if i didn’t correct your grammar.
    =) Love you.

    • wow… Not fair? I did not read this over, and I don’t change my shit (or “shiiat” rather) after I write it. haha. I love you as well. =)

      Sorry for saying the “shit” word mom. lulz lulz lulz

  2. Hmm. Maybe you should start proof reading?
    Just a thought. =)

  3. proof reading is for wusses and their moms word up…. kidding.. haha

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