Back Home From Illinois.

So, apparently while I was gone I built up a lot of artistic energy. Recorded a whole song, did a bunch of picture editing and now I really have been wanting to write something. I will post a preview of the song soon. Sounds pretty amazing.  With making this new song, I really hope playing music works out for me. Knowing it’s not the most glamour filled life, but I just want people to enjoy the music I take part in. I don’t want money. I want to help people. Soon enough I will be in Denver to play music with a good friend. I believe things should just take right off. I’m looking forward to leaving Montana. There is not much for me here as far as opportunity goes. I love my family and I do hope to see them often. Montana is not where I need to be though. There’s things I have to do and places I have to go….. Blasted “”American School””. I need to finish my stuff up. In the meantime here’s some pics



2 responses to “Back Home From Illinois.

  1. gushingenthusiasm

    I love the second from the last one. Amazing since i was standing by your side when you took it.
    I’m impressed by the heart you put in this,
    so i won’t correct your grammar. =)
    I love you.

  2. I can’t decide which I like the most. Your gift of composition is quite striking.

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