Quite Bored… But Happy.

Things have been good lately. I’ve been feeling like the house I have lived in my whole life is starting to feel like my home. This may be anticipation building up because of a child on the way and with school ahead.

I’ve decided on a profession in the culinary arts. I’m shooting for culinary school this fall. I am pretty pumped for it, I’m hoping to learn a lot. The get up for the classes is more or less pretty ridiculous. I somehow don’t think those outfits are easy to cook in… Seems uncomfortable. Sara told me they aren’t bad. I am not quite sure how she knows this, but whatever. hah…

My Bike is wonderful….


2 responses to “Quite Bored… But Happy.

  1. gushingenthusiasm

    doubting me now, are you? hah.

  2. never been into uniforms myself.

    but there’s a place for everything…

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