I Miss the Heat of the Summer

Though I can’t stand the heat now I’ll soon miss the rays of summer beating down on my forhead heating up the drips of sweat rolling down my face. When I’ts warm and the sun is shining it encourages everyone to just sit and be.

Though maybe I could think this way about every season whether I’m letting the rain pour over my face or sitting on a bed of snow filling my lungs with chilled air. I think I should strive for this. To always be more aware of my surroundings.

We all strive for something more. Most of us do this by indulging in things that give us a rush of pleasure but never make us happy. What makes us happy is often very simple but requires us to work on who we are and get to the core of ourselves. I think the thing that makes me happy is to just be where i am, to exist in a moment and notice how amazing the world is.


One response to “I Miss the Heat of the Summer

  1. gushingenthusiasm

    uhh. yeah. what the hell. I was gone for a week and you couldnt update? lameee

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