“Restarting My Blog” Post!

To restart my blog, I need a post about music. A post about Zao should suffice. People always seem confused to why Za0 has played such a big part in my life and what importance the band has been to me. My parents didn’t like the fact that they screamed. When I started listening to them, that was the only reason I did start listening to them. I wanted to be separate from others and more or less be an awesome badass who listened to music that others couldn’t stand. I got a lot more from the music later on, I gained direction in life. The screaming wasn’t for the sake of the genre. It was the only way to state these words in song and explain their meaning.

Your eyes
Your eyes search for me
Your eyes
Your eyes search for me

For so long I've wanted to come home
Held back by lies of serpents and tongues of brothers
Turning a child into an enemy
Turning open arms into closed fists

I could see the reflection in the tears
That made their way down Your face
Onto the ground I kneel upon
They form a river that overtakes me
Compassion envelops me
I forgive and release
Forgive, release
Forgiven, released


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