Let Us Think About Small Things…

I think one of the best things to do for yourself every day is to try and imagine all the things that happen without your knowing. Bugs crawling over a closed flower for example…

Sad things…

Things full of joy…

Funny things…

Things off in the galaxies…

If we don’t realize all the wonders around us. How can we truly live?



Back Home From Illinois.

So, apparently while I was gone I built up a lot of artistic energy. Recorded a whole song, did a bunch of picture editing and now I really have been wanting to write something. I will post a preview of the song soon. Sounds pretty amazing.  With making this new song, I really hope playing music works out for me. Knowing it’s not the most glamour filled life, but I just want people to enjoy the music I take part in. I don’t want money. I want to help people. Soon enough I will be in Denver to play music with a good friend. I believe things should just take right off. I’m looking forward to leaving Montana. There is not much for me here as far as opportunity goes. I love my family and I do hope to see them often. Montana is not where I need to be though. There’s things I have to do and places I have to go….. Blasted “”American School””. I need to finish my stuff up. In the meantime here’s some pics



I’m finding myself way busy in Illinois. Go figure. I haven’t kept up with my blog at all. Seeing as I don’t write enough when I’m not doing much. Go figure I suck it up even more when I’m really busy. Having friends and around all the time and a girlfriend around partially may have something to do with it. So first 3 days I’m here, no power. A storm really wrecked the place right before i arrived. I still had fun though. I’m like “who needs power”. But that obviously doesn’t work out well when “I” like everyone else relies on it for many things. Other then that nothing has happened really. I’ve had a great time. Hope to get some photos up soon.

Startrek and Airports

I think way too much. I over think, and then while I am over thinking I under think. Confusing, right? Often is the brain of someone who actually uses their brain. Just a thought (ahah).

So yesterday I wanted to make an awesome stencil. It was the first face i had ever done. I had to figure out a way to use the shape of his head. So my idea was to create a shadow bad cut out around his head then i could just cut out the his eyes, nose and rigid jaw line like so. These were the amazing results. I could use no other face then the one and only Captain Picard. I hope you enjoy. If you want me to make a stencil of someone else just ask. Although I know you won’t. But that’s fine.


On Monday I am flying out to Illinois to see some family who are graduating and a certain girlfriend. =)

expect frequent posts and pictures from the south as I intend to take many photos. I actually am looking forward to flying as I have had many interesting experiences at airports. I remember being in Salt Lake and I was waiting through a 3 hour lay over. Blah… Not fun. But waiting and sitting this older guy sat next to me and chatted it up. He was kind of a hippie and very insightful. He told me about all the places he had been (which was all over the place), where he was from, his big wild farm and his 14 something dogs. I hope to run into more people and try to talk. I think talking with new people is always a good way to learn more about the world. I would hate to be confined into talking to the same “chosen” people forever (unless is was Sara). I love my friends, but I believe it helps to talk to a stranger sometimes if you happen to be in an airport. A friend of my family hitch hikes for this specific reason. There is something truly amazing about meeting someone from a different walk of life. I hope someone who reads this takes it into consideration. You never know what life has in store for you…

In Dreams

“Revive a sense of hope
Amids these abandoned dreams
Rewrite what it is to feel
In hopes it will carry me home

Drift in and out
The light of morning drags me back
I need release
Separate this body from my mind

Send me home

My conscience there to send me off to sleep
When I need you closer
For when I wake I am greeted by shades of grey
I’ll return to you

In dreams, the sun sets in our eyes
In dreams, we’ll never be apart
In dreams, I’ll promise you’ll never be alone
How much I wish your voice could send me home” – Misery Signal

The Cool.

This album has been floating around in my head for a good deal of time. I think if you have time. You should listen to it. The video below explains what the album is about more or less. I believe there’s a lot of problems like this in America. People don’t have equal opportunity to have a life. We think problems like the ones talked in this album only happen in third world countries. That answer is far from the truth.

We have a group of people running in circles. Whats cool in society is actually what destroys most and pushes other people under. What’s cool? Is it equal? Does it help us view each other as equals? To me, even without messages from Dr. Dre and such i viewed being truly cool as being too good for other people. I think many people get caught up in this at least once in their life. I remember kids in school would do anything to be popular. Who they hurt, it did not matter. If they hurt themselves, it did not matter. It may always remain a problem. It may get better, it may get worse. There’s no easy solution to it.

Example of something that has been viewed as “cool”:

I will end this post with a video of “Super Star” by Lupe Fiasco (feat; Matthew Santos) Essentially the song is about being cool for fame and thinking you’re that ideal person who has superiority over others.

I Do Not Speak Well…

Isn’t that the truth…

I’ve noticed that I seem to be inept at expressing myself well. People often misinterpret what I may say. I’ve noticed it to be a frustrating thing. I should probably just give up and slide into this level of expression.